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Physical therapy for Sciatica femoral nerve pain can be extremely helpful to help reduce inflammation, bone,  and soft tissue pain. Sciatica has a few common causes which normally include a herniated disc, but countless lifestyle decisions and habits can prevent the body from reducing the pain. Meeting with a physical therapist who specializes in sciatica pain you can receive a manageable and effective treatment plan to reduce and eventually eliminate all sciatica pain.

Your local physical therapist will meet with you in your first appointment to develop a customized rehabilitation plan for sciatica femoral nerve pain. Part of the initial assessment will include activities to measure your posture, mobility, range of motion, and more. Since sciatica can be caused by several underlying injuries and varying levels of pain it is important to accurately diagnose each patient’s current situation. 

Better Posture

One of the first and perhaps most important things your physical therapist will work with you on is your posture. By correcting your posture the spine will align properly with the upper and lower body. With standard lumbar support and using a pillow when lying down, you can help the body to keep a natural form that will reduce tension and inflammation in the lower back.

Spasm Control

Through physical therapy treatments like ultrasounds, soft tissue work, posture control, stretches, and exercises patients will start to see improvements in no time. The ultimate goal is to get pain symptoms under control. Patients in our NYC physical therapy clinic have seen major reductions in muscle spasms in the buttocks, upper thigh, and lower back.

Less Inflammation

Inflammation is a second major symptom that has been known to be reduced very shortly after physical therapy. Once inflammation and spans are under control our patients can start to regain their life.  

Increased Mobility

Our further therapies include targeted exercises and stretches to increase mobility and gain movement back. When your sciatic nerve no longer is under the intense pressure and pain the body is able to rehabilitate itself and recover in a natural timeframe.

More Feeling

When the nerves in the lower back are under constant pain then neurologic adaptation or the reduction of the physical senses to stimulus is reduced. This can prevent further movement, and make everyday tasks seem foreign and challenging.

Decreased Numbness

The ultimate goal should be to be able to awake each morning without severe pain when getting out of bed. Our plans include healthy movement and conditioning so when you rest for long periods of time like in the night or even sitting in an office chair, you don’t experience tingling or numbness along the sciatic nerve.

The most important characteristics needed from the patient’s side is frequency and commitment. Together with our skilled NYC board-certified PTs and Drs eliminating sciatica femoral nerve pain is within sight and something that can be accomplished by any patient of any age. We have helped young athletes, senior citizens, and everyone in between with a customized PT plan.

We invite all of those suffering from Sciatica Femoral Nerve Pain in Manhattan and NYC, to call us to schedule an appointment and take the first steps in reducing your pain today.

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