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Shoulder pain can come and go or be consistent and chronic, it can range from mildly annoying to debilitating, and the causes are vast. Shoulder physical therapy can often give you relief and may even prevent future injuries. Some people find that PT for shoulder pain immediately relieves their symptoms while others discover that a regular exercise routine is necessary to give them the strength and mobility they need.

    Some common causes of shoulder pain that can be treated with the best physical therapy include:

    • Accident or injury
    • Frozen shoulder/Adhesive capsulitis
    • Shoulder impingement
    • Rotator cuff tendinitis and tears
    • Shoulder bursitis
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Bone spurs
    • Shoulder dislocation
    • Shoulder separation
    • Overuse of muscles and tendons in surrounding area
    • Poor posture and/or body mechanics
    • A broken bone

    Exercises To Relief Shoulder Pain

    The entire goal behind physical therapy is to improve your daily quality of life by decreasing pain or discomfort while simultaneously increasing your strength and mobility. Because shoulder mobility and comfort are so important in daily activities, from getting dressed to sleeping comfortably, seeking physical therapy care and getting customized shoulder exercises is a first-step solution.

    At Physical Therapists NYC, our staff is here to help you recover as much strength and mobility as possible. Led by medical doctors and with a focus on hands-on therapy, your shoulder pain treatment program will begin with you.

    Each patient is an individual and we place great emphasis on treating you for your specific injuries, illnesses, and pain symptoms. Your shoulder exercises will be customized and personalized to suit your therapy goals and it will be adjustable to take progress and setbacks into consideration.

    Clients Testimonials

    Dr. Yadav is Excellent PT ! . She is kind and knowledgeable. I went for a shoulder rehab with Dr.Yadav. She understood the issues with my shoulder and gave different exercises accordingly. In 2 months I got back the complete mobility of shoulder. She is caring and gives lot of personal attention for rehab and injury recovery. I would sure recommend her


    I had shoulder pain and since I have been seeing Dr. Yadav, my shoulder pain is becoming more bearable.


    Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain and Injury Relief

    Your shoulder is the most movable joint in your body. It consists of a group of four muscles and their tendons working together so you can reach up high, down low, across and make small gestures, too. Any swelling, damage, or structural changes around the rotator cuff can give you shoulder pain and/or can limit your ability to move.

    For an accurate diagnosis and a customized shoulder therapy plan that will put you on the path to recovery, put your trust in our award-winning physical therapists and we’ll customize a treatment plan that will work specifically for you.

    Our state-of-the-art facility and full gym are designed to offer a variety of treatment options, all guided by New York’s top-rated doctors of physical therapy. You’ll experience hands-on care, so you know you’re performing your therapy in the best way with proper technique. This will ensure that your recovery is headed in the right direction.

    What Causes Shoulder Pain

    Frozen Shoulder Treatment

    While there are many different causes of shoulder pain and different shoulder injuries, one of the most common shoulder issues we see is frozen shoulder. Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen shoulder happens when the natural capsule of connective tissue that surrounds your shoulder thickens and tightens, restricting your movement.

    Imagine a rubber band wrapped around the stems on a bouquet of roses. Slid onto the stems, the rubber band lets them move all over, loop it around a second time and the stems are more restricted. The more you loop around the rubber band, the tighter it becomes and the less movement the roses have.

    Treatment for frozen shoulder involves exercises that help loosen the tightness and stretch the joint capsule. It is possible to recover completely with skilled frozen shoulder therapy, especially if it’s caught in the early stages of pain and restricted movement. Luckily, this is typically not a recurring condition and once you’ve undergone successful frozen shoulder treatment and are feeling no pain and comfort with movement, you can confidently resume your regular activities.

    Looking for frozen shoulder therapy near me? If you’re in the New York City area, Physical Therapists NYC is conveniently located in the heart of the city and our award-winning staff is there to help you recover.

    Can PT Help Shoulder Impingement?

    Another common shoulder condition that can benefit greatly from physical therapy is shoulder impingement syndrome, otherwise known as swimmer’s shoulder – and no, you don’t have to be a swimmer to develop this syndrome. It’s estimated that somewhere around 50% of all shoulder pain complaints are impingement related. People who participate in sports that require overhead rotation (swimming, volleyball, tennis, etc.) are most susceptible, but professions such as window washing, painting and other jobs with repetitive overhead motions can cause this type of injury, too.

    Shoulder impingement happens when the top of your shoulder blade rubs on and/or pinches your rotator cuff. Your rotator cuff can swell when it’s injured or irritated, this pushes on the bones that surround it and cause them to rub together, which can lead to further injury, pain, and limitation. To be thorough, your doctor or physical therapist may perform x-rays to rule out arthritis and look for bone spurs, while MRIs might be used to uncover any tears or inflammation. If you do have arthritis, physical therapy for arthritis can be used as an effective and recommended method to relieve the pain.

    Shoulder impingement physical therapy exercises are the most important part of a thorough and complete treatment plan. Treatments may initially include rest, ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications but strengthening the surrounding muscles and improving range of motion will play a large part in a long-term solution.

    If it’s determined that you require surgery, shoulder impingement PT may be prescribed both before and after surgery. Before surgery, this is referred to as pre-hab, you’ll strengthen muscles for a faster recovery. After surgery, your rehab will nurse your tender shoulder back into shape.

    Dislocated Shoulder Recovery

    Unlike what you see in the movies, dislocated shoulders cannot be easily fixed, and regular life is not resumed immediately. Once the shoulder is restored to its normal position, physical therapy for dislocated shoulder begins. Your rehabilitation process can take a long time to move you from the very painful beginning stages to a place where you have normal range of motion and pain-free movement.

    Your dislocated shoulder recovery exercises will focus on two areas, recovering from the dislocation and strengthening the area surrounding your shoulder. This dual approach will give you a faster recovery and put you in a good position to avoid future injury.

    Shoulder Bursitis Treatment

    Shoulder bursitis is an inflammation of the bursa. The bursa a cushiony sac of fluid in the shoulder that, when inflamed, causes pain and swelling, sometimes there is visible redness associated with bursitis. There are many causes of bursitis and it’s not uncommon to have this condition along with other shoulder injuries.

    While the causes of bursitis are many, it typically happens because there is too much stress on the bursa. Symptoms can vary and might not include pain, they can also be amplified if there is an infection of the bursa.

    Treatment depends on the type of bursitis you have but physical therapy for shoulder bursitis should be considered a first line of treatment when there is no infection. It can efficiently reduce pain, swelling, stiffness, and associated weakness. A good therapy plan will look to the future and include strengthening and flexibility exercises.

    Book Your Appointment Now at Physical Therapists NYC

    For relief from your shoulder pain, injury, or illness, our staff is here to help. From the minute you walk in our door of our modern downtown offices, we will work to accommodate you. Because many of our patients work on Wall Street and in downtown NYC, we have early morning and late evening hours, so you don’t have to miss work.

    Our team is guided by our well-trained medical doctors who listen to your concerns and create your recovery plan. They will thoroughly respond to your symptoms, perform diagnostic tests using our state-of-the-art equipment, if necessary, and then they’ll move into our gym to take advantage of modern tools, equipment, and techniques to speed up your healing process. If you ever experience pain or you feel an exercise is too much for you, they’ll find an alternative so you can continue to progress in your healing journey.

    It is our mission, at Physical Therapists NYC, to create a treatment plan that is customized to your level of comfort and the symptoms you are experiencing. Then, we will work with you to define long-term goals and create a treatment map for your shoulder pain that will get you to your desired end result. For us, it’s not just about treating you today but giving you the best possible future solutions as well.

    Finding Shoulder Pain Doctor Near Me

    When looking for effective ways to help your shoulder heal now and help prevent injury later, choose a multidisciplinary team of physical therapists, chiropractics, and acupuncturists specializing in holistic and patient-centered pain management techniques.

    Don’t just search “shoulder pain doctor near me” or “shoulder pain treatment near me” in hopes of finding a one-size-fits-all solution to your problem. Instead, google “shoulder physical therapy near me” and turn to expert physicians who bring the individual into the healing equation, discover their needs and concerns, and create a personalized treatment plan to increase their function and quality of life, all while avoiding invasive surgery. The team at Physical Therapists NYC is considered to be among the best when it comes to physical therapy intervention for shoulder dysfunction and pain and provides exceptional results utilizing manual therapy for both active and passive mobility of the shoulder, helping both professional athletes and ordinary people get back to the maximum level of physical function and to avoid future injury.

    If you have a shoulder injury and seek immediate relief, our physical therapy practice will get you the help you need to start living your normal life once again using a carefully devised shoulder pain treatment program.Connect with our office today to schedule an appointment for physical therapy for shoulder pain, limited range of motion, bursitis, shoulder impingement, frozen shoulder, and other conditions.

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    Dr. Hetarth Kapadia

    Dr. Hetarth Kapadia is a licensed physical therapist that has extensive experience working with orthopedic, neurological, and cardiovascular patients, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the practice.

    Dr. Hetarth Kapadia received his Bachelor's degree in physical therapy from S.B.B. College Of Physiotherapy and his Master's degree in Kinesiology from California Baptist University, Riverside, California, with a major in Exercise Science.

    Dr. Hetarth is now pursuing his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Touro College in New York. Before becoming a part of our practice, he worked in New York at various outpatient clinics where he dealt with patients with musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders.

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