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Active Release Technique or ART is a non-invasive treatment performed by skilled physical therapists at Physical Therapists NYC to quickly locate and resolve soft tissue disorders. For many people who have come to believe they are at a point where they have to live with pain, ART is the solution and provides relief of pain, a freeing of restricted body parts, and the potential to have a full recovery.

Active Release Technique (ART) Physical Therapy

ART physical therapy is a collection of techniques that focus on the soft tissue and relieving tension in these areas by removing fibrosis or adhesions which develop in the tissues when you overload them or repetitively do the same motions over and over.

Adhesions can present as weakness in the muscles, numbness, aching, tingling, burning sensations, and pain. When ART is employed in a physical therapy treatment plan, it has three main purposes.

  • Restore motion to all soft tissues by freeing them from impingement and adhesions
  • Release any nerves, vasculature, and lymphatic structures that have become entrapped
  • Re-establish optimal function of soft tissue, including resilience and texture

Our skilled active release technique providers have a deep understanding of the negative changes that can happen within the soft tissues of the body. It’s not just the bones and joints that can be injured. By turning attention to often neglected soft tissues, we provide a more comprehensive treatment plan that has greater and more encompassing results. While it is best to seek physical therapy for these injuries when they occur or when you begin to notice them, delayed care can still be effective.

What to Expect from Active Release Technique (ART)

There’s a two-fold approach to ART that pairs active release technique massage with movement. This helps to identify, isolate, and target the affected areas. Then, it goes to work breaking up scar tissue which simultaneously promotes blood flow and the healing process. This technique works on:

  • Muscles
  • Ligaments
  • Tendons
  • Nerves

Any place in the body that has developed dense scar tissue, or adhesions, that bind tissues can cause pain, limited movement, reduced flexibility, and feelings of stiffness. If nerves happen to become entrapped within the adhesions, there may be associated pain, numbness, or tingling.

ART can be very painful because it is targeting one area that already has scar tissue. The good news is that ART can work in as little as one session, so the pain will not be something you have to routinely experience. It may take more than one session for some people, but it tends not to be a prolonged or long-term treatment plan.


Dr. Parikh has skilled hands and is an expert in her field. She can gauge my progress and address any questions I have to my satisfaction. She is also extremely personable and a great physical therapist to have managing my injury.



Post-ART Treatment Exercises

One of the best ways to ensure your active release treatment is as successful as possible is to pair it with exercises to maximize movement and healing in that region. The following are four fundamental areas of exercise that will be address in your comprehensive ART care at Physical Therapists NYC.

  • Good flexibility means that your joints can move through their full range of motion. Limited flexibility means you don’t have full motion. It’s important to note that flexibility is joint specific. Let’s say you have a shoulder injury and you’ve had active release technique shoulder care. Then you may be prescribed flexibility exercises for your shoulder, but it doesn’t mean that any other part of your body is affected by the injury or the exercises.
  • Strengthening exercises are very effective after treatment to shore up therapy and strengthen the surrounding areas. When it comes to post-ART, these are possibly the most important exercises because failing to do them can lead to more adhesions and more limitations if your body begins healing without proper muscle movements.
  • While strengthening and flexibility exercises deal with specific areas of the body, cardiovascular benefits are important for the entire body. In addition to improving heart and lung function, this aerobic exercise increases nutrient and oxygen delivery to your soft tissues. Because your soft tissues are what is treated during ART, they desperately need this.
  • Balance and proprioception. Your body’s ability to react to where it is and what’s around it is related to your balance and proprioception. When you have an adhesion, this can be restricted or impaired and sometimes without you noticing that it’s happening. Regaining your balance and proprioception is key to full recovery and avoiding future injuries.

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