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Physical Therapist NYC provides a full range of care and rehabilitation services. Our top-rated staff includes highly qualified physical therapists with diverse backgrounds. Some of our treatment-based services include the following.

Knee Physical Therapy

Knee pain or injuries can have many different causes, the good news is that there are physical therapy exercises for knee pain and hands-on treatment techniques that can help relieve suffering and improve your range of motion and enjoyment of activities again.

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Physical Therapy for Shoulders

Shoulder pain can come and go or be consistent and chronic, it can range from mildly annoying to debilitating, and the causes are vast. Shoulder physical therapy can often give you relief and may even prevent future injuries. Some people find that physical therapy for shoulder pain immediately relieves their symptoms while others discover that a regular exercise routine is necessary to give them the strength and mobility they need.

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Physical Therapy for Hands

Hand pain and wrist pain can have many different causes and because the hands are so vital and complex, it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause. Our top-rated doctors are well-versed in different illnesses, injuries, and other causes of pain in the hands. They will find your diagnosis and work to create a customized hand physical therapy treatment plan that goes right to the root of your issues.

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Hip Physical Therapy

Your hip is a marvel of engineering with a large ball-and-socket joint that can withstand repeated motion and wear and tear. It fits together in a remarkable way that allows for walking, running, dancing, sporting activities, and more. When the hip begins to fail, the cartilage wears down or is damaged, when there is an injury, the pain can be intense, and loss of mobility limits your enjoyment of life and daily activities. If you’re suffering from hip pain, visiting Physical Therapists NYC is your first step toward relieving your symptoms.

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Physical Therapy for Back Pain

One of the best steps you can take to prevent back pain and to recover from back injuries is meeting with one of our top-rated back pain specialists at Physical Therapists NYC. Our focus is not just on helping you recover from back pain, but also creating a back physical therapy approach that helps you avoid injuries and pain in the future.

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Foot Therapy

It’s been estimated that about a quarter of the population suffers from frequent foot pain. This can have a debilitating effect of your ability to enjoy life and to perform your routine, daily activities. Luckily, there is a solution. At Physical Therapists NYC, we offer a complete foot therapy treatment program that features foot physical therapy and massage techniques to relieve your current symptoms and improve your chances of avoiding foot pain in the future.

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Physical Therapy for Sprained Ankles

Your ankle joint is a weight-bearing marvel, but it’s also very susceptible to injury. The worst thing is that an already compromised ankle is instable, which can lead to further injury. This is why seeking the help of a trained physical therapist is important. They can help you rehab your ankle faster and more effectively, so you heal quickly and eliminate your chance of further injury. They might also be able to help you improve your normal gait to avoid future problems.

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Tennis Elbow Physical Therapy & Treatment

The goal of physical therapy for elbow pain and injuries is to return the patient to all previous activities with pain-free enjoyment. In some situations, this is best accomplished by changing the manner in which the individual performed their activities, i.e., modifying a tennis or golf stroke. In other situations, complete relief or recovery may not be attainable but significant improvements are still possible.

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